Your Local, Independent Agent

Life Benefits Group is independent agency representing top-rated national companies with agents who live in the market they work. This means more insurance, less on premium outlay and local, personalized service for our customers.


Most insurance marketers in this arena today rely upon direct mail as their primary source of new business. Direct mail, however, typically requires mailings covering large, geographic areas to find the very few who will respond to an unsolicited direct mail request. If you happen to visit with an agent in this case, you may feel intense pressure to buy now. And, in all likelihood that will be the last time you ever see your agent. 

We rely upon strictly a locally focused, grass roots marketing effort. You can have the peace of mind knowing your agent lives locally and is only a few minutes away when you need one on one, personalized service. If there happens to be a claim, your family won’t just get a check in the mail. This check comes with your agent.


This is important because insurance companies vary in their underwriting criteria and it can have an effect on the cost and type of coverage you may qualify. For instance, one carrier may use weight charts. Others may not even care. Or, some may only offer coverage with a waiting period.

The key to finding the best protection is to find a carrier that is the best fit for your unique health situation. Our job is not to fit everyone into one company but to try and find the best company for you. Operating as an independent agency, you’ll find more freedom and flexibility in your search for the right product.